Green Shakshuka


Inspired by my trip to Israel, this green shakshuka is packed full of leafy greens, fresh herbs and the garlicky poached eggs we all love in Shakshuka. The perfect recipe to change up your breakfast routine. Even though it’s been a few years now, I still think about my trip to Israel fairly often. I feel bad for anyone who asks me about my trip because I will literally go on for 3 hours about how amazing it was. When I say that it was one of the best trips of my life, I’m being serious. We’re years out and I’m STILL gushing about it. Fortunately, I can relive all of the Vibe Israel memories by recreating my favorite dishes at home. The list is pretty long at this point: halva, babka, falafel, hummus, roasted beets, tahini everything, and of course everything that encompasses an Israeli breakfast. Pro tip: if you want the true Israel experience, you must go head first into an Israeli breakfast. Anyone who has been to Israel will tell you that what they miss most are the breakfasts. Truly no one in the world does it like them. There’s bread and eggs and salads of every […]

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