Broccoli Cheddar Fritters


Only a few simple ingredients are all you need to make these broccoli cheddar fritters that are kid-approved and packed full of nutrition…but shhhh they don’t need to know! I’ve always been one of those people who genuinely enjoys vegetables. As I kid I looked forward to steamed broccoli (I still love it!) and I’d frequently as my Mom to make roasted asparagus. Don’t get me wrong, I was picky in other ways but veggies were never an issue (besides frozen peas – YUCK!). In spite of my love of veggies, I’ve still made it my mission to come up with creative and delicious recipes that give you the benefits of veggies without the oh-so-obvious fact that you’re eating veggies. I’ve hidden many a veggie in desserts and am of the attitude “if you can get away with adding them – add them!”. Don’t even ask C how many times I’ve packed kale into various meals. These broccoli cheddar fritters are one of those recipes. C’s first reaction was: “kids will love these!”. And he’s right. Don’t believe me? Test em’ out on your kids and tell me what they think in the comments below! What You Need for Broccoli […]

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